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6 Things Missing from Tastefully Simple

We all want only the best for your family. Tastefully Simple helps me create delicious meals quickly so I spend less time in the kitchen. Now, I’m happy to know that Tastefully Simple has done away with additives in most of their products. Many of our products have been free of additives for years, like our Creamy Caramel Sauce. 🙂

To make it easy I know I can go right to our ts eatwell products and find products that are free from:86703_12-nothingartificalperiod-FB

  • artificial flavors
  • artificial preservatives
  • artificial colors
  • MSG
  • artificial sweeteners
  • hydrogenated fats



My son has several food allergies and sensitivities so it’s great to know exactly what is going in these products. I don’t have to guess anymore.

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