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5 Ways to Use Bountiful Beer Bread

Let me introduce you to one of our most popular products, Bountiful Beer Bread! It’s what we’re known for. There are several varieties of beer bread including: our classic Bountiful Beer Bread, Multi-Grain Beer Bread and Gluten Free Beer Bread.

You may think, “Ew beer in bread!” Don’t worry, the bread just takes on a subtle flavor of what you use. Remember, just because it’s called BEER bread doesn’t mean you have to use beer. You can use any carbonated beverage. You can use ginger ale or even cream soda for a sweet bread.

You may wonder how you can use this 5 ways. Bread is bread right? Well yes, but there are many things you can do with our beer bread. Check out some of these recipes below:

  1. Bountiful Beer Bread preparation – This is our straight up 2 ingredient or less preparation. You can slice it for sandwich bread or break it up for use with one of our dips.
  2. Bountiful Beer Bread Bowl – Impress your guests with this bread bowl. You can fill it with a delicious spinach dip for a beautiful presentation.
  3. Bountiful French Toast Bake – I love taking time to make a nice hot breakfast on the weekends.
  4. Butterscotch Breakfast Bread – Do you like a little something sweet with your morning coffee? Just add cream soda and butterscotch chips to the mix. Top if off with some melted butter and sugar for a professional looking treat.
  5. Bountiful Cheesy Biscuits – Why go out to eat for delicious biscuits? Make them yourself with our easy recipe.

You can pretty much work it into any meal. 🙂 To see all our recipes visit our recipes page here.  Which creation do you want to try first?

Eat Tasty!



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